Wood Floor Sanding and Polishing

Real and Engineered Wood

We have build our expertise and experience based on a wide range of completed sanding and polishing projects in London for private and commercial customers. Whether we are renovating the wooden floor at your home or changing the look of the floor in your office, you can rest assure that will be provided with high-quality, efficient and prompt services. For actual examples of our previous wood sanding and polishing work completed, please browse through our Gallery.

Floor sanding process is designed of three different steps: preparation, sanding and coating with a protective sealant. In a few words, the sanding itself involves removing the top surfaces of the wood by sanding with abrasive materials. Sanding stops when suitable wood is found beneath the old covering. Then, a protective sealant is being laid out depending on the type of your wood to return the freshness and shininess of the floor. Sanding improves the look of your flooring and enhances its resistance despite of its age and condition.

The feeling of transforming the look of rusty boards or damaged old parquet into a smooth and sleek floor and seeing the smiley faces of our happy customers at the end, is the biggest reward for our hard job. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask more about our services. We will visit your property to assess your existing floor and its current condition and give you an estimated price of the total cost.

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